What next?

Climate change, new regulations, scarcity of resources, political uncertainty, customers preferences, identity crisis...

Relying on existing patterns to drive your career or your organisation is risky and make effective responds to new internal and external threats very hard to imagine. I help you to uncover how sustainability transformation, and mega trends might impact you and your organisation.

Yet crises can also be profound catalysts for change, creating opportunities to gain new perspectives.

Actors that see climate change and sustainability not only as threats but as an opportunity might be best placed to unlock new innovations and ignite unexpected collaborations. I facilitate your project's development with an eye for design, systems and sustainability strategy infused into the core. ↗

Get ready for the transformation

As a design strategist and facilitator, I support you in acquiring new capabilities, skills and tools to navigate through a volatile, uncertain, complexe and ambiguous world. I support you in up-skilling, both on individual and organisational levels. ↗

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