What is strategic exploration?

Going beyond assumptions

Climate change and environmental degradation, accelerating technological change and hyperconnectivity, aggravating resource scarcity, widening inequalities: Relying solely on past data and existing patterns to drive your decisions in the current context is risky and make effective responds to new threats very hard to imagine.Looking weak signals, trends and drivers of change aims to uncover what might impact your career and your organisation in the future ↗

Watching beyond next quarter

Yet uncertainty can also be profound catalyst for change, creating opportunities to gain new perspectives. Actors that see uncertainty not only as risks but as opportunities might be best placed to get a decisive competitive advantage.
Embracing longer-term thinking aims to equip people and organisations with a stronger strategic vision while widening their innovation scope ↗

Making future more familiar

A culture of treating uncertainty as a bad thing, and seeking to ignore or eliminate it, shrinks useful conversations about why it exists in the first place, and forecloses productive conversations about possible futures.

Strategic exploration is eventually about acquiring new capabilities, skills and tools to make sense of increasing volatility, complexity and ambiguity of our systems ↗

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