Various interventions formats to infuse an eye for design, systems, and sustainability into your core


Get a sparring partner for your project
Single 90min session to discuss your projects's idea or concept and design together an MVP development roadmap. It usually includes: audit, research, rapid prototyping, validation and launch
Start-up mentorship
6 to 12 x 90min sessions (6 weeks up to 3 months) to bring your early-stage project (or idea) and get it in shape to launch an MVP with an eye for design, systems and sustainability strategy infused into the core.
Last start-ups include

Induction talks

Making sense of the complex forces driving transformational change across cultures, economies, industries, and global issues
Sustainability & Impact
Uncovering how sustainability transformation, and related mega trends might impact your industry, your organization, and your career path.
Culture & Creativity
Revealing your first existential threats: biaises and limiting assumptions that inhibit creativity, adaptability, and innovation capability.
Design & Business
Discovering the strategic value of design to increase individual and organizational resilience and competitiveness.
Last talks include


Experiencing the strategic value of design to increase individual and organisational resilience and competitiveness.
Looking for new meanings
Using system thinking and framing to enable paradigm shift and create new thinking.
Turning signals into insights
Adopting designer's research toolbox : leveraging from big and deep data to detect new trends, needs and opportunities
Learning by doing
Applying an iterative prototyping strategy that mitigate risks, investment while generating actionnable intel.
Last workshops include