Featured Projects

A selection of mixed projects focused on enacting and activating positive social and environmental change through design and empowerment
Exploring and mapping Design role and practices for sustainability
This online platform collects Design Signals that script a more inclusive, equal, peaceful, safer and healthier future and uses machine learning for clustering and new emerging trends monitoring.
Design Research
Designing a digital matchmaking service for startups mentoring in SDGs
Running incubation programs is time-consuming. OpenEnded automatically proposes the most relevant mentors for social entrepreneurs in need, enabling meaningful mentoring at scale.
Service Design - Innovation
Creating a Social Innovation Education program in Bangalore
The India Switzerland Social Innovation Camp immerses interdisciplinary teams of students in Bangalore to tackle social innovation challenges on the field.
Program Design - Education
2019 - 2020
Imagining future of IoT for social innovation in Hong Kong with HKDI DESIS
Using design fiction to foster a critical forward-thinking discussion between participants about social issues and technologies.
Design Fiction Workshop
Bringing “Learning by Doing” in the classroom
“Creativity & Participatory Design” and “Prototyping” are project-based courses. Participants conduct design research on a sustainability or a socio-economic topic and prototype innovative products or services.
Courses Design - Education
2017 - 2021
Building a Design Research Curriculum
The Master of Advanced Studies in Design Research for Digital Innovation combines advanced education with a real-life research project, preparing designers practically, professionally and academically for a career in innovation.
Curriculum Design - Education
2014 - 2020
Envisioning future of nomadic work with Logitech
This workshop offered participants to work in interdisciplinary teams with a human-centered design methodology to explore creative ideas of new products or services for Logitech, outlining possible user experiences and testing them with potential users.
Design Thinking Workshop

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